Anonymous: If Zayn and Liam weren't under contract not to reveal their relationship I am positive that they would be a open and public couple right now.
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I don’t disagree. From what I’ve seen most of the Malik family and I’m sure the Payne family already know about Ziam. I’m positive both families know that Zerrie and Sophiam are either a cover for something else(Sophiam) or business related(Zerrie). Liam and Zayn are like any two people who are head over heels with each other. Its hard not to show excitement, admiration, affection, etc with that person. Most of us have been in a situation with someone where everyone sees that you and some one else like each other and there is no hiding it. That’s Ziam. They can’t hide how they feel about each other even if they wanted to. Zayn and Liam would be terrible actors hahaha. They can’t help but show that they’re boyfriends and they can’t help but show how uncomfortable they are around their beards. We get Zayn and Liam touching, staring, giggling, complimenting, and being happy around each other. When they’re around their beards we get somber faces, robotic hand holding(Liam), MOUTH WIPING! after “affectionate” moments(Zayn), and just a general distaste for the whole bearding situation. Zayn and Liam are together and happy with each other. No one can tell me different. Too much has gone on for me to think otherwise. If Zayn and Liam weren’t contractually obligated, yes, I do think they would be out as a couple. They practically are now anyway! I’m getting too emotional rn guyzzz! Ziam is real and I better get invited to the fucking wedding!

Anonymous: the thing that makes me most happy is that we almost never have to deal with sophiam.
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Same. I cannot STAND Sophiam at all. Sophiam makes me so upset. Liam has either never looked happy or has put on that fake smile. I’m glad Sophiam isn’t so in your face all the time but when that shit show hits the stage I just cringe and feel really gross.

Same the only time he have smiled next to her was at the photo op at FB on his bday and the photo shoot those few seconds during the basketball game (which he attended with Niall before so people could say “see he have also taken Niall before”). I can’t stand Sophiam nor Zerrie bc they look miserable with them 95% of the time…

100% agree. Watching Zerrie and Sophiam is like watching someone get their teeth pulled out with no anesthetic. You can’t help but cringe and feel really bad.


Everyday is Liam Appreciation day, that should go without saying.  He’s REAL. As in ::thunk:: how can he even…?   But he is also real, as in, Really, Liam? 


magic conch shell can anyone get on zayn’s level?

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Think of the nudes Zayn and Liam have of each other…..

I can’t wait for Thursday to get here so I can get paid and order some new clothes and put gas in my car and go shopping and get hammered and then bitch about how I have no money all over again!




i know ur all thinking i could find a way to make a thirst post about literally any part of liam’s body but that’s NOT TRUE i wouldn’t say anything thirsty about his feet because all feet at disgusting and vile and should stay away from me always 

i would suck on each of his toes individually


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